Hello and welcome!
This is the home of: Desert Eagle Derek; sometimes known as Derek Deagle or simply Deagle.

How did things start?
Before all of the modern warfare, there was futuristic warfare on the grand daddy of them all, Unreal Tournament. This was a game that forever changed the way I perceived online gaming. It first came out in 1999 and looking back, it's unbelievable to think of how long ago I was an active player of that game.

This game pushed my friends and I into organised clans to fight battles with other organised clans. It was a great time for online gaming and spawned many great web sites, IRC channels and clan servers. There was a big sense of community and plenty of content thanks to Unreal Ed and the modding ability of the Unreal Engine.

After some time, I moved on to Tactical-Ops (UT Mod) and then Counterstrike. These were different kinds of games because there are no instant re-spawns. What many know in COD today as Search and Destroy, was the main mode in TO and CS. Push your team to the bomb spot and plant the bomb without being taken out by the opposing team, or in the case of the opposing team eliminate all players and defuse the bomb, if necessary.

I've discussed my roots with people before and most real gamers always ask me why I played TO before CS. I had actually played CS around the same time as UT, but UT took over my life for several years and sadly, CS was an afterthought. It was only after opening a TO branch in my clan that I tried CS again.

What happened next?
Over time, I drifted away from PC gaming and became divided from my friends by the console lock-in. Things weren't too bad on the console gaming networks and I met some cool people on there. It took a few years but eventually I became tired of those networks and the way the games were marketed and distributed.

Subscription charges and overpriced DLC are the main reasons that I chose to come back to PC gaming. It's not like I can't afford to buy content, I'd just rather pay less money for better content. The PC experience is often better and there's more freedom, plus most patches are not restricted by a long approval process.

More games on the PC support their community and provide free modding tools for the masses. There's often content based competitions and the content itself provides another channel that extends the game life. If that wasn't enough, PC provides many more options for capturing and streaming live content.

I can't help but admire how many single man teams and micro companies are being spawned thanks to opportunities like Steam Greenlight. We're at a point in gaming where nobody can dictate our play style. We now have freedom to choose what we want in a game and even become a part of the development.

What happens now?
I've been interested in producing some game related content for quite some time, not just to show off some stuff but also to see where things will go. I've been a gamer for a long time and have a well trained eye. I would like to think that any content I produce will be enjoyable and perhaps helpful to people.

In the past, I used map editors and scripting tools to modify games. I've cheated on single player games by changing memory values and found glitches in online games by altering setting files or testing movement and specific button combinations. My experiences help with playing and also making games.

Eventually, I want to create some games. I realise this probably won't happen until I can find some other enthusiastic people like myself, who are also walking the path of a developer. I've been coding for years and have produced some prototypes, but I need help, otherwise it will be a very difficult and time consuming process.

In the meantime, I will focus on other peoples games and see what I can do with them to entertain you. I want to provide a series or two, and some one-off features to keep things moving along. I'm also interested in streaming live content on services such as Twitch, so perhaps you'll see me around!